A new world token

Alre is a world which various human values can be turned into assets and used as social resources.
ARCS is a token issued to make its construction faster.
To realize this non-centralized system, we will operate it in a unique way.
Settlement tokens, governance tokens, and utility tokens will also be issued. Please enjoy the new world which is full of fresh values and lighted up by ARCS.


Issuer: IFA Co., Ltd.
Token Name: ARCS
Token Symbol: ARX
Total supply: 400,000,000(400 million) [updated on 21 May 2021]
Decimal places: 18
Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Token Standard: ERC20
Contract address : 0x7d8DafF6d70CEAd12c6f077048552Cf89130A2B1


Our company will be responsible for the issuance of ARCS. At the same time, we will set up a new ARCS Foundation and lock 50% of all issued ARCS up as foundation assets. As a result, we are going to build a third-party system which can use assets effeciently for society and users, instead of a centralized token management. IFA pledges to dilute centralized control and contribute the whole society.

ARCS is basiclly a token which relies on the Ethereum platform. However, the operating situation of the Ethereum platform is about to reach its limitation, which has provoked alarm about its future prospects. Of course, there is still a great chance of improving the situation. Nevertheless, we are considering reissuing ARCS by using a potential and highly scaled platform compared to the current platform.

All in all, not only issuing settlement tokens which have settlement ability, but also we will issue governance token, which commit to the management of the Alre world, and security tokens that fits regionality. We will do our best to develop ARCS because it will contribute to the new world.

Company Name IFA Co., Ltd.
Representative Masashi Mizukura, President
Location 2F-A, DWELL-URBAN, 1-29-3, Nishihara, Shibuya Ku, Tokyo To, 151-0066, Japan
Tel 03-5308-2880
Founded October 1, 2014
Web https://ifa-aire.co.jp